Saturday, February 9, 2013


                        I love fries...oven fries. Used to love fast food fries, but too much salt,
               just don't go that route any more. People do and that is their choice.
               Kids of all ages love fries!! They are addicting.... the saying goes
              "can't eat just one" !
                         54 different oven fries were taste tested, here are the top 5
                  that were   found  to be the "tastiest". Get out the ketchup !!

                    1.  BEST  THIN-CUT....Ore-Ida  Extra Crispy  Fast Food Fries
                         With a crisp coating and salty goodness, these fries had the
                         same taste as your favorite a good way.
                         Cost..$3.59 for 26 ounces....$ .41 per 3 ounce  serving.

                    2. BEST CRINKLE-CUT.....Wylwood Crinkle Cut Fries
                         Lots of deep groves and a crisp texture in every bite.
                        Golden and lightly salted, these have the perfect balance
                        of crunchy outside and tender inside.
                        Cost..$ 1.99 for 32 ounces...$  .18  for 3 ounce serving.

                    3. BEST SWEET POTATO..Ian's All Natural Sweet Potato Fries
                        A healthier alternative to the white- potato kind, and the
                        highest scoring among the panel. The caramelized, tempura-like
                        bites are  sweet.
                        Cost..$3.99 for 15 ounces....$  .79 for 3 ounce serving.

                    4. BEST SEASONED....Alexia Parmesan Lemon Waffle Fries
                        A sprinkle of nutty Parmesan  and bright lemon gives these fries
                        so much flavor, you won't need to any dip.
                       Cost..$3.49 for 20 ounces....$  .52 for 3 ounce serving.

                   5. BEST STEAK FRIES...McCain All Natural Steak Cut Fries
                       The earthy flavor makes these  fries delicious. The thick-cut can hold
                       sauce or dip without drooping.
                       Cost $3.99 for 28 ounces....$  .42 for 3 ounce serving

               I  am always amazed when shopping, the variety of products available
               to all of wonder it takes me sssoo long  ...too many to choose from!

               I hope you will try some of these FRIES and decide for yourself.
               This is an article in a recent issue of EVERYDAY.

               That is all for today, friend. This is Jenny

              P.S. If you are experiencing a snow safe.



  1. nice...tara made some great fries last night...a little olive oil and seasoning salt...mmm...def love me some fries....

  2. Never been a fan of steak fries, but they are what Mr. Eva prefers. I like the skinny shoe-string ones!

  3. It seems to me that the secret to good fries is to eat them quickly once they;re finished being cooked. The longer they sit around the worse they are.

    1. Hey..!! Welcome back.....anxious to read your blog..