Tuesday, December 4, 2012


            No matter what language, French, German, or Spanish, the word  is called
"NUTS" in English!...these Nuts boost brain power and are a great source of protein.
            All Nuts are a healthy  snack, 2 oz will provide your nutrients for a day.

                             Almonds are your most nutritious.
                              They are packed with  anti-oxidants,
                                             vitamins and minerals

                            Pistachios are an excellent source
                                                                                  of copper, 
                                                                                   manganese and phosphorus
Walnuts are loaded with Omega  3 fatty  
acids { the good fat}


   Peanuts  are a good source of vitamin E and B                                                                      .

Rich in energy and provide
vitamins and minerals

                     There are many different kinds
                                    of NUTS available today, not just        
                                    the mentioned, such as ; Pecans,
                                    Cashews,  Macadamia,
                                   Brazil , Filberts, Hazel nuts,Soy ,Black walnut,
                                   are a few. A handful of any NUT is good for
                                                   the heart too.!!

That is all for today friend, this is Jenny
" GOING  NUTS"!  ............lol

Sunday, December 2, 2012


      I love shopping.! It is an addiction. Hours spent browsing in a book or music store is
 never too long.
I can spend three hours just looking  at new products for the kitchen  I have not seen,
 or different foods or spices I was not/am not aware of.
      I am always amazed at the many choices available to cooks, or bakers, in today's markets.
Here are a few of these "new" finds,{ well at least to me.}If you are searching for a gift for
someone that has most everything, some of the following might help. Keep in mind the items
 mentioned , are a random list of products, and not all will  " fit the bill"  as a gift  on your lists.
       I found a board made specifically for holding and serving a bone -in ham leg.
{ I guess this also could be used for lamb}.
 There are countless, really nice cutting boards., color blocked, shapes  and sizes of ones choice.
      Items I had not seen, for the oyster lover ,were a variety of products to turn their home  into an oyster bar! Everything from gadgets to shuck,  the gloves to wear, and suggestions as to what to serve for drinks.
      One product that caught my eye were the many maple wood hand crafted kitchen utensils.
 Not just the shapes of spoons.Beautiful hand work. The best part--made in the USA!!
      I was overwhelmed by the different condiments, spices, and flavorings for ones liking.
      The assortment of glassware, dishes, even pots and pans, upgraded kitchenware of all
  kinds and prices too.
       On previous blogs I mentioned different coffees, click here-   COFFEE.....ANYONE ?
 A combination of coffees,and coffee mugs{personalized] make a nice gift basket.
         Thinking of making  a  wine  basket for someone and need help with types of wine and
  the foods that wine will pair with, click here ALL ABOUT WINE. There are a number of
  wines available not even mentioned. Get an exotic one, or a  new kind with a unique name.
         There are plenty of great books out for the avid reader. I have found it very difficult
  choosing, unless you know their favorite author, and what they prefer as subject matter.
         Of course there is always the web! You will find a sight for anything you are looking
  or just want an idea. Some sights that might not be familiar :surlatable.com, cuisinart.com,
  kioskkiosk.com, blackstreetmercantile&trading Co., suitable.com, cooking.com,
  thebostonshaker.com,  regiongeneralstore.com....the web is wonderful, if you don't
  like dealing with traffic, parking , etc.....It does seem early to even "think Christmas"
  but .....25 days!!
          That is all for today friend, this is Jenny......Leave me your comments, I read all
  of them. Thank you