Monday, July 23, 2012


                                              Here are two more "hot weather"  desserts

           This recipe is perfect for a trifle dish , but you can use any deep bowl.

                                    Strawberry Angel Cream Cake

      Whip 1 quart of cream [ you can use cool whip ]

      1 Purchased  angel cake

      1 quart container of strawberries, stems removed,  rinsed, then sliced and set aside.

      Slice cake  cross-wise, Then cut into cubes, [ about the size of dice, don't need to be perfect ]

      Put a layer of fruit on the bottom of dish, following with a layer of cake then spoon a layer of cream.

      Continue layer alternately, fruit, cake, cream till all used.

      Best if set over 6 hours in refrigerator, or even over night.

             Raspberries can be used in place of strawberries. The recipe can also be adjusted to

            accommodate your occasion....such as a smaller amount or even a larger one.

             Very good and easy too! Leave me your comment . I'd like to know your thoughts

             and results.


                                           Berries 'N' Bits Pudding

           1 14 oz. can condensed milk

           1 1/2 cups cold water

           1  pkg. instant Vanilla pudding  [ 4 serving size ]

           2 cups whipping cream, whipped, or 4 cups cool whip
           Vanilla wafers --36

           1 quart fresh strawberries, sliced

           3/4 cup mini choc chips

     Combine condensed milk, water. Add pudding mix, beat well. Chill 5 minutes.

     Fold in whipped cream, do not over stir---Fold

      Spoon 2 cups pudding into 3 qt, trifle  dish or glass serving bowl.

     Top with 1/2 each - vanilla wafers, choc bits and strawberries.

     Repeat layers. Garnish with choc bits and strawberries

     Chill thoroughly. Preferably overnight..Delicious!

                This is my daughter-in-laws recipe. Really simple to make,. perfect summer dessert.



Tuesday, July 10, 2012


                                                          Cool Dessert...Ice Box Cake

                    This makes a 13x9 cake, recipe can easily be adjusted.

         2 pints of whipping cream

         1 box of graham crackers

          Hershys cocoa

          Sugar  [ or sugar substitute]

         Whip cream untill just starting to thicken. Add 2 rounded tablespoons of SIFTED cocoa.

         Continue whipping cream until it keeps its shape on beaters, Do not overbeat .Add sugar to

         your taste.[You might find you like more chocolate flavor, or less, you  can adjust ]

         In 13 x 9 pan spoon a thin layer of cream [just covering bottom of pan]

         Put a layer of graham crackers, then another layer of cream, alternating crackers

         then cream, pressing the crackers into the cream slightly each time, finishing top layer

         with the cream.

         Place in refrigerater overnight. When ready to serve, using a metal or plastic spatula

         cut into squares. This cake keeps for days in the refrigerator, If you have any leftover!!

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