Tuesday, February 5, 2013


                             Check these out next time you are shopping in the supermarket.
                 All of the items will be in your area this year, or may already be there
                 and are worth at least a try.

            1. Frankly Fresh Hummus Cocktails...brings Hummus into bar territory
               with flavors like  Bloody Mary and Dirty Martini [ $4.99 each]

            2. PROGRESSO RECIPE STARTERS..offering flavorful bases--like
                three cheese--most everything for speedy sauces and soups. [$2.49]

            3. BOLD ORGANICS PIZZAS.. are gluten and dairy free. The crunchy
                brown -rice flour crust is sprinkled with veggie mozzarella.[$7.99]
            4. BLUE MOON CARAMEL APPLE SPICED ALE..is crafted with
                toasty malts, cinnamon, and apple juice {$15.99 for a 12 pack]

            5. NECTREESE..is a zero-calorie sugar substitute made from the extract
               of monk fruit, a small Asian melon. [$3.99 for 40 packets]

            6. Q KOALA..is all-natural cola taken up a notch with a spicy-sweet
                mix of cloves, coriander and citrus.[$7.99 for a 4 pack]

            7. CEDARLEAN SOUPS AND WRAPS..frozen entrees pair a soup---
                like lentil veggie with a healthy, globally-inspired wrap.[$5.99]

            8. HEINZ TOMATO KETCHUP..blended with balsamic vinegar offers a
                 fancy twist on the original-so good on steaks ![$2.49]

            9.  JIF MOCHA CAPPUCCINO HAZELNUT SPREAD..is an inexpensive
                 hazelnut option. Beware it can be addictive ! [ $3.99 ]

           10. BOOMCHICKAPOP SEA SALT POPCORN..made with sunflower
                  oil and sea salt, is super tasty and only 35 calories per cup. [3.99]

               These  brand new buys come from an issue of   Everyday with Rachel Ray.

            That is all for today friend, this is Jenny . Thanks for visiting, come again

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  1. mmm will have to look for that hummus....sounds interesting....and the steak recipe