Thursday, February 28, 2013


                  Here are a few "tips" for you to think about.

               Adding a sheet of fabric softener with clean  towels, sheets,any bedding
          helps keep them fresh and clean smelling.

               Place a sheet of fabric softener among garments that are stored
          for fall, winter or spring, summer they stay fresher  smelling and also keeps
          the  pesky little spiders away.

                Did you know....any food that doesn't grow in/on the ground,
           come from the waters [ocean] or comes from nature,
           should not be on our menu...[..I embarrassingly  say  that eliminates
           a lot of my daily intake!.]

               Use of a whisk helps put more air into your scrambled egg or omelet,
          resulting in a fluffier egg.

               When the flour or brown sugar you want to use has "lumps" in it
         using  your whisk  will take care of them.

               That is all for today friend, this is Jenny

         I will be gone , away from the SNOW, for a few  days. Have a good weekend

         everyone.Stay safe.




  1. we eat so much unnatural food its ridiculous...i think we have become disconnected from where our food comes from honestly...

  2. True Brian. When I read was like, wow.....Earth, Ocean or Tree. Takes more commitment for someone in their 70's to.change their eating habits. My children eat better than I did at their age, and their children are eating healthier too!