Thursday, February 7, 2013


                    Today's post is all about  SALT .There are many different types of salt.
            Salt contains iodine and sodium, which we need in our daily diets, however
            we should  keep our intake  to 6 grams, or 1 teaspoon of salt every day.
                   Here are 6 easy to find varieties, with some info about each one.

                1.  KOSHER SALT....formed in large  crystals. Ideal for curing meat.
                      Cooks like KOSHER salt, its roughness makes it easy to "pinch"
                      the perfect amount. It dissolves fast, chefs recommend it for
                      marinating meats to putting it on popcorn. It is slightly higher in
                       sodium and  is also know as a COARSE SALT.

                2 .SEA obtained from sea water. It is not processed
                     therefore retains some of its nutrients. Used to compliment anything
                     from a fresh salad to a salmon fillet.

                3. TABLE made from salt deposits, then is processed to
                     give it a fine texture. It also dissolves fast. but contains less sodium
                      than SEA salt.

                4. PICKLING table salt, pickling salt may come from the
                    earth or the sea, but it isn't fortified with iodine and does not contain
                    anti-caking chemicals, both of which would turn pickles an unappetizing
                    color. It is the purest of salts, 100 percent sodium chloride.
                5. FLEUR de SEL...a special occasion table salt. Sprinkled over food just
                    before eating has a delicate flavor and the right hint of saltiness for sliced
                    tomatoes and melons . In France  it is known as the caviar of sea salt.
                    Hand harvested, the right amounts of sun and water are needed..
                    FLEUR de SEL blooms like a flower on the surface of the water in France.
                    Found in specialty stores and on the Internet.

               6. ROCK SALT...has large, chunky, crystals with .nonuniform shapes.
                   Minerals and other harmless impurities give it a grayish color.
                   One can use it to regulate the temperature when making ice cream with
                   the old-fashioned hand crank ice cream maker It is not used directly.
                   on food. Used to de-ice driveways and sidewalks in the winter months.

        That is all for today, friend  This is Jenny...welcome back.



  1. had never heard of Fluer de SEL....i know i am thankful for salt...not too much...just enough to accentuate the tastes....

    my FIL is doing ok, as best we can tell...he lives a few hours away and we see him every couple months...he does not hear well so not sure i trust the news he relays from the doc...thanks for asking...smiles..

  2. Interesting post. I use Kosher salt all the time in my cooking. I should probably add some Sea Salt to my pantry. Fluer de Sel sounds quite interesting!