Friday, October 5, 2012


                           Cooks are human. Errs or screw ups  in the kitchen are bound to happen

                           every now and then. Multitasking and not focusing on what you are

                           doing is the reason for many "snafus". Listed are the most common

                           mistakes and how to avoid them, so you can be a successful  cook all

                           the time.

                                     1. Taste as you go
                                              How can you tell if you've added enough or the right
                                              seasoning?Or if the beans are tough and need to bake longer
                                              Did you add sugar instead of salt? Baking Soda should  have
                                               been Baking Powder!
                                              Tasting is usually automatic. Don't use family or friends as
                                              "taste testers"!

                                    2. Read the entire recipe
                                               Too many times the recipe is read in the middle of making
                                                whatever . Read the entire recipe. Assemble all the
                                                then read it again before starting to make sure you have all
                                                that is needed.

                                    3.Casually you measure ingredients
                                                 Dry or tough cakes, rubbery brownies, are often  the result of
                                                 inadequate measurements.
                                                 Spoon flour into your measuring cup.
                                                 If you have a food scale, weigh the flour and dry ingredients.

                                    4.You under bake breads or cakes
                                                  If the cake or bread  is pale chances are it is not finished.
                                                  Sometimes just 2 extra minutes is enough. It is better in
                                                  most cases to overcook instead of undercooking foods.

                                     5.  Overcrowding. the pan
                                                 Whether you are making a roast, or  browning chicken,
                                                  Leave breathing room, or use 2 pans if needed.
                                     6. Make unwise substitutions in baking
                                                  Follow the recipe, unless you are trying this as an ex-
                                                  periment.Then if your finished product fails, try again

                                      7. Overheating milk or chocolate
                                                  Milk should be heated to no more than 180*.
                                                  Heat on low heat to prevent curdling.
                                                  Chocolate can be melted in the microwave, but pay
                                                  close attention. Follow instuctions in the recipe.


                           We all make mistakes at one time or another. This list is by no means a

                            complete account of cooking blunders, but it is a start. These mistakes

                            apply to anything that you might be baking or cooking.

                             That's all for today, friend,  Jenny 


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  1. The chili I cooked in my crockpot all day was crappy! Definitely a kitchen snafu!