Monday, October 8, 2012


                                                           BATTER UP BARS

                     1/2  oil [such as Mazola]

                     3 eggs

                     1 1/4  cups sugar

                     1/2 cop peanut butter

                     1 tsp vanilla

                     1 cup chocolate bits  [semi sweet or milk]
                                      Mix until well blended.  Add-

                     1 cup flour

                     1/2 tsp baking POWDER

                     1/2 tsp baking SODA

                     1/4 tsp salt
                                      Mix with wet ingredients, blending well .
                                      Spread  into a 13 x 9  UN GREASED pan.
                                      Bake at 350* for 25 to 30 minutes. Let cool in pan.


                    1 cup shortening

                    1 cup white sugar

                    1 cup Brown sugar

                    2 eggs
                                    Cream shortening, add sugars, beat well. Add eggs. Set aside.

                    2 cups flour

                    1 tsp baking soda

                    1/2  tsp baking powder

                    1 tsp vanilla

                    2 cups quick oats

                    2 cups Rice Krispies

                    1 cup coconut

                     1 cup chopped nuts [optional]
                                      Sift dry ingredients, then add all remaining ingredients.
                                      Drop a Tablespoonful on baking sheet.
                                      Bake at 350* for about 12 minutes

                      Satisfying crunchy texture. Filling too, two  of these cookies is a serving.

                      That's it for now. Come again friend, Jenny
                      Be sure to cheack the previous blog-COOKIES FOR BRKFST #1


  1. Another great recipe of something I probably couldn't eat in moderation. Yum! Say, have you started visiting other blogs yet? I don't think you've paid me a visit at Chubby Chatterbox.

    1. For some reason your blog comes up blank! I read some on my dashboard, but when it says read more....that is all I've been able to read.

  2. oh man....peanut butter...and chocolate go so well together...throw in some rice krispies...obviously these are healthy...smiles....ha...i want some...

  3. This doesn't feel like breakfast but the kids would love it. one the list to try!