Monday, September 24, 2012


             When you want to clean or make your kitchen counters and surrounding areas

             GERM free..and do not want chemical cleaners, use a mixture of vinegar and

             water,  3 Tablespoons vinegar and 1/2 cup water.

           This same mixture of vinegar and water is excellent for cleaning the inside of a


            With a used fabric softener sheet cleaning the lint from the dryer filter/screen is

            cinch, and it collects all the lint, your hands don't touch it!

            When loading silverware into the dishwasher, if you can take the time to sort each

            compartment--like --forks in one, spoons in another etc., unloading is so much

             faster and easier.

            Want to measure portions, but don't have a foods scale,  make a fist.

             That is a serving!

             If you have never bought parchment paper, you should. It eliminates constant

             cleaning of your cookie sheets and most times can be reused.

            Muffin batter can be put n the muffin tins and refrigerated, covered overnight

            and baked the next morning. Be sure to  let the  chilled  batter sit at room

            temperature before baking.

           If you have a mixer, try using the whip attachment to whip potatoes for 2 minutes.

           Break up potatoes first, you will have lump free fluffy potatoes.

           Till next time, this is Jenny, hoping you enjoy and find you have use for these tips.

            Don't forget to leave me your comments. I appreciate them.



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