Saturday, September 22, 2012


                        Wine seasons fine foods and kindles delight in dining pleasures. Wine can be  

                         served with friends and or family for dinner, lunch, and even with dessert.

                        There are two main headings for wine--imported and domestic--red or white.

                         For daily use these wines are suggested.

                         When serving fish, pork, or other light meat white wine should be the

                          choice. To accompany beef, lamb and other red meats choose a red wine.

                         Desserts and fruits combine best with sweet, dry wine.

                         Dry wines tend to be less sweet. A Chablis and Riesling vary in "dryness"

                         according to brand and year grown.

                        All  sweet white wines, champagnes and sparkling wines, should be

                        thoroughly chilled. When it is served it is drunk cooled or chilled. The sweeter

                        the wine the longer it will take to chill. Up to an hour in a refrigerator.

                       On the other hand red wines should be served at room temperature.

                       Red Burgundy may be served slightly cooler than other red wines.

                       Beaujolais, Arbois, Chinon and a few other red wines have body and

                        can be served chilled. They are the exception to the rule.

                        In addition to the above wines mentioned, Bordeau, Anjois, Alsace and

                        Rhone valley produce excellent French wines. Germany, Italy and France

                        have always been  known for their wine.In America there are many vineyards.

                       Check the Internet for your state or area to see what wines are produced.

                       The state  of Maine has a number of wineries that people might not even

                       know about.

                        There is a huge variety of wine available at supermarkets, your big box stores,

                        [ Sam's, Costco, BJs,]  even stores like Walmart and Kmart. Not counting the

                        grocery and many convenience stores too. When purchasing wine it is very

                        important to read the label. The label gives you the type, variety, and flavor.

                         One thing that is essential information on the label is the GRADE . The higher

                         the rating the better the wine. Ratings over 80 are recommended.

                         The label is also useful in giving you the region it comes from as well as

                         "pairings", meaning, the choices, or choice of food that will go best with the


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                        Now, here in America we have vineyards that produce great wines.


  1. I remember a day when we shared a bottle of wine and lots of giggles. Couldn't tell you what kind of wine it was--the "feel good" vintage maybe?