Sunday, September 30, 2012



                  We all know APPLES  are an  excellent source of vitamin  "C".

                  APPLES may also protect the brain cells from the onset of Alzheimer's.

                  The pectin in apples help to lower LDL [the bad] cholesterol.

                   APPLES are also a bone strengthening fruit.

                   Whether you eat your APPLE sliced  with cheese cubes or dipped in

                   peanutbuttter, it is important to eat 1 or 2 every day.

                     PUMPKIN contains abundant quantities of good dietary fibre.

                    PUMPKIN,  as well as the seeds, is high in potassium,  magnesium,

                    vitamins "A"  and  "E". Beta Carotene and  lycopene are compounds of

                    vitamin "A", making  PUMPKIN a super food.

                     It  is possible PUMPKIN can lower the risk of some cancers.

                    PUMPKIN is high in nutrients yet is the flesh itself is low in calories.

                    That completes my post for today. Hope everyone had a great weekend

                     regardless of the weather---rain all weekend here in Maine.

                     Bye for now friend, Jenny

                    My next post will be a few ideas using PUMPKIN. If you have a recipe

                   you would like to share, send it to me. Do not forget to leave your comment.





Just a few

ideas for Apples


  1. Good news about apples...I didn't know they helped prevent Alzhiemer's.

  2. I don't eat enough apples but I enjoyed one today and it was crispy, juicy and delicious. I don't know why I don't eat them more often.

  3. pouring rain and chilly here now...had my apple for breakfast but i will admit while i knew it was good for me i did not know all of that....i did know about pumpkin though and we will use some of ours when we carve later this month....i like the seeds too...smiles.