Sunday, August 19, 2012



                         Hi there,

                             August is here but, sadly, coming to an end. Though we here have had our share of        

                         humidity, heat, and rainy days.

                        Blueberries are in abundance [in Maine]. I have a few recipes for you to try. Hope you

                        like them, and will leave me your comments at the bottom of the page.Thanks.

                                                        Blueberry  Lemon Bread

                     Grease and flour a 9x5 loaf pan. Preheat oven at 350*

                     In a medium bowl, combine, 2 cups flour, 2 teaspoons baking powder, 1/2 teaspoon

                    salt. Set aside

                     Cream 1/2 cup  butter, 1 stick, softened and 1cup of sugar.  Beat at low speed

                    till  blended.  Increase speed  to medium, beating about 5 minutes or until fluffy.

                    Add 2 large eggs. One at a time blending well; occasionally scraping bowl.

                   Alternately add flour mixture and milk. Mixing to just blend.

                    Add 1 1/2 cups blueberries .Gently fold in. Spoon batter into loaf pan

                   Bake 45 - 50 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean.

                   Cool loaf in pan on cooling rack 10 minutes; remove from pan.

                   With skewer, prick holes on top and sides of warm bread. In small bowl  whisk together

                  1/4 cup of lemon juice and 1/4 cup of sugar. With pastry brush,brush top and sides of

                   warm bread with lemon glaze. Continue cooling on rack.

                    This bread is good for breakfast, a light dessert or snack. It also freezes well, thaw at

                   room temperature.

                   This bread is also very good with raspberries-- lemon glaze can be omitted.

                                                                    BLUEBERRY SAUCE

                   Boil 2 cups blueberries, 1/2 cup water and 1/4 cup sugar, about 10 minutes.

                  Whisk together 1 Tblsp. water and 1 teasp. cornstarch for sauce and cook 1 to 2

                   minutes to thicken. Serve warm on pancakes, crepes, or ice cream.

                  Thank you for visiting. I hope you will try some recipes.




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