Friday, April 12, 2013


                            Here are some of the new products available in your supermarket today,
             or soon will be.[ like we don't have enough choices!]

           (1)  Blake's All Natural Chicken Pot Pie--tastes homemade, with flaky pastry
                    and  white meat for the filling.    $3.99

            (2)  Pamela's Sugar Cookie Mix--buttery, gluten free.    $4.65

            (3)  Tessemae's All Natural Roasted Garlic--available in 3 different  flavors
                      is a smokey  fresh tasting  sandwich spread  $4.99

            (4)  Old Orchard Sweet Tea--combines sweet black tea and lemonade   $1.49

            (5)  Mulino  Bianco  Chocolate Hazelnut--- sandwich cookies  from Italy  $2.99

            (6)  Triscuit  Brown Rice Crackers--perfect for soft pungent spreadable
                      cheeses.   $3.69

            (7)  Low-cal  Multi-Grain Sweet Onion Sticks--made of oats, barley and rice  $3.99

            (8)  Honest Fizz Organic Root Beer--sweetened with stevia   $5.99 [for a 6 pack]

            (9)  Pure Leaf Peach Tea--not too sweet, light fruity taste   $1.99 {for 18 0z. botle]

            (10)  Blue Bunny Birthday Party Ice Cream--with festive sprinkles  $4.59 [8 inch]

                      Source;  recent issue of  Everyday Magazine

        That is all for today friends, this is Jenny


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  1. kids like the birthday party ice is way too sweet for me....ha...

    def dont mind the root beer though...