Friday, April 26, 2013


                     I came upon this recipe on Face Book. It looked so good and easy
                     to make I had to share it. I know kids like Monkey Bread, this is a
                     version of it. I did "tweak" it .A fun snack, even kids enjoy making.

                                                       MINI  PULL-A-PART BREADS

                                 1  package Grands refrigerator biscuits
                                 3/4  cup of butter, softened
                                 1  Tablespoon cinnamon
                                 1/2  cup of brown sugar
                                 1/2   teaspoon salt
                                Cream  the dry ingredients together. Set aside.
                                Separate the biscuits. With the palm of your hand
                                or rolling pin flatten biscuits slightly.
                                Using a sharp knife, cut the biscuit in thirds.
                                Spread each third with a layer of the creamed mixture.
                                Place the thirds in a cross-like [using 3 sections] pattern
                                in the muffin tin. Repeat process until all biscuits are used.
                                A giant/jumbo muffin tin should be used for best results,
                                unless you have the new type brownie tin that has the
                                individual squares.
                                Bake in a preheated 350* oven for 15-17 minutes.

                               [ If biscuits seem to be sticking to the knife try spraying
                                       the knife with non -stick spray]

                               You will have individual Monkey  Breads. Enjoy!

                              That is all for today friends, this is Jenny




  1. wife makes a great italian pull apart bread....and monkey bread is yum!!!!!! for sure...smiles...

    have a lovely friday!

  2. You mean to mix the dry ingredients with the butter, right? Then smooth onto biscuits?

    Sounds good!

    1. Cream the butter, br. sugar, and cinnamon together, then spread like peanut butter onto after biscuit are cut into thirds.

  3. Sounds yummy, Sis. You know I'll be trying it!

  4. I love breads and biscuits that pull apart. The warm steam is almost as good as the taste.