Wednesday, April 3, 2013


                     All of us , at one time or another, have "created a disaster" of our recipes.
          Here are a few tips  that might help you the next time you are faced with not quite
          enough of " this or  that" ingredient.

                   ( 1  Not quite enough honey--1 + 1/2 cups sugar dissolved in 1 cup water
                   ( 2 ) Need a little more tomato juice--1/2 cup tomato sauce mixed with
                          1/2 cup water--this makes 1 cup tomato juice, measure what is needed
                    ( 3 ) Soup is too salty-- add 1 peeled raw potato to broth.
                    ( 4 ) For every TABLESPOON of fresh herbs--1 TEASPOON dried herb.
                    ( 5 ) Refrigerate pie crusts  for 45 minutes to 1 hour before rolling
                             for easier handling.
                    ( 6 ) To avoid quick breads from being "overdone"--be sure to use the
                            right sized pan and bake only to first time on recipe {example  35-45 min}
                            Check with tooth pick at 35  minutes.
                    ( 7 )  Cool cakes and cupcakes completely before frosting.
                             Cakes should be left to cool 5 minutes in pans, loosen sides
                             and remove to racks to cool .
                     (8 ) When making a cream pie--sprinkle powdered sugar on baked
                            pie crust before filling to prevent a soggy pie crust.
                     ( 9 ) When making cookies--refrigerate cookie dough 20 - 30 minutes
                              for easier spooning or scooping. This works with cookie mixes also.
                     ( 10 ) Recipe calls for 2 cups whipped cream--you will need 1 cup heavy cream.

                  That is all for today friends, this is Jenny. Thanks for visiting, come again.



  1. hmm....wonder if my wife knows all of these....some helpful tricks to keep on hand...

  2. Replies
    1. I was not good at just one thing!! lol