Monday, January 14, 2013


      I remember having  SHEPHERDS PIE  many times when I was a youngster at my parents
  home.It was inexpensive to make, and provided generous servings.
  The familiar recipe for  SHEPHERDS PIE  made its "rounds" at my families table too.
 We were 9 in my family, and my husband was the only "bread" winner in our house,
  I always thought it a little strange there seemed to be so many versions
 of  SHEPHERDS PIE!  Some are made with beef cubes or lamb, green peas, carrots
 even string beans.A couple versions had a gravy-like broth.
       I finally remembered my mother always called it "TARTE CHINOIS", which translated
 is CHINESE PIE. Now, I do not know how that name got changed to SHEPHERDS PIE !
 Here is my version,[ tweaked  my mothers recipe a little] .

                                          SHEPHERDS PIE OR TARTE CHINOIS

                       1 lb ground beef
                       1 medium size onion, chopped
                       1/4  teaspoon garlic
                       1 1/2  teaspoon each, salt and pepper
                                          Scramble beef and onion and garlic in a medium high skillet
                                          until no longer pink. Add salt and pepper.
                                          In a 9 x 13 pan layer your meat mixture. Set aside
                         4 cups mashed potatoes, fresh or leftover
                         2 cans of cream-style corn
                         1 can  of corn, or 1 cup frozen, [thawed]
                         Shredded cheese, I have used med cheddar, also sharp cheddar, optional
                                            On top of ground beef layer, pour the cream style corn
                                            Over this layer sprinkle, evenly, the whole kernel corn.
                                            The next layer, spread potatoes to cover the corn
                                            completely.[ If using leftover, have them at room temperature
                                            and stir them for easier spreading] Dot sparingly with butter.
                                            Sprinkle lightly with cheese if desired.

                             Bake at 350* for 40 minutes or  until corners are bubbly with the corn.
                             This can serve 8-10 depending on serving size.

                            I will eat SHEPERD'S PIE, however, I do admit that I made it so often
                            for my family that it is a dish I do not crave!! A number of my children
                            and grandchildren love it.

                             If you have never made SHEPERDS PIE or CHINESE PIE...
                             the next time you are wondering "what can I make for dinner",
                             give it a try. Leave me any comments, I appreciate them.

                 That is all for today, friend.,  Jenny




  1. mmmm one of my all time favorite dishes....shepherds pie....i have it special each year usually at my birthday...or when we've gathered the left overs....smiles....

  2. It always seems to me that shepherd's pie should have lamb in it. Cowboy pie should have beef.

  3. Hey, .....don't you blog anymore....miss reading it.

  4. You know how I feel about that recipe, Sis.