Saturday, January 12, 2013


          There are numerous recipes out there, on the Internet, even on the package of peas!
   I have made  Pea Soup many times. It is not a soup that is liked by everyone. We, all of us,
   do not have the same likes.
           My husband loved Pea Soup. He had to have diced potatoes or rice in it. I did
     sometimes put  potatoes in it, but most times cooked rice and served it on the side
     so it could be added  in the amount wanted.
            The best Pea Soup by far, is one we ordered in a restaurant.....yeah, a restaurant !!
   On one of our yearly trips to Quebec, Canada, we happened upon a restaurant [ more
    like a DINER].The  menu was  very  limited, some things were not to our liking.
   We both decide on "Soup Aux Pois. Perfect choice. We both loved it. Here it is!

                                                              SOUP AUX POIS
                                                                 [ PEA SOUP]

                      1 lb. WHOLE dried yellow peas
                      8 cups water
                      1/2  lb. salt pork [ or a ham bone]
                      1 large onion, chopped
                      1/2  cup celery, finely chopped
                      1/4 cup shredded or grated carrots
                      1  teaspoon savory
                      1  teaspoon salt

                      Wash and sort peas, place in a large pot, cover with the water and let soak
                      Add salt pork, or ham  bone,celery, carrots, savory and salt.
                      Bring to boil, reduce heat and simmer until peas are very tender, about 2 hours.
                       Add more water if needed.
                       Remove ham bone, or salt pork; chop meat and return to soup
                       Season with salt and add pepper to taste.

                       If you have a food processor the carrots and celery are chopped to the
                       right consistency, otherwise these should be chopped into real fine bits.
                      When one eats this soup, carrots and celery are just about  invisible.
                       The Savory seasoning is essential to get the right flavor.

                       I always use a ham bone. Years ago salt pork was meaty, now, [ at least
                       in this area] it is mostly fat! If you live in an area where the salt pork is
                       meaty, you can chop that meat and add it to the soup
                       I have always used whole peas, yellow or green..

                       This is a traditional  French recipe. A dish that was eaten most every week.
                       Give this recipe a try..

            That is all for today, friend...this is Jenny


  1. i think i have only ever had pea soup was as a kid so i dont remember it being one of those things i enjoyed then...i wonder though as an adult if my taste would be different

  2. Most kids do not like pea sou. Mine did not...I think it is a "French" dish!!??

  3. I never ate pea soup...but I would try it now, although I wouldn't have years ago.

  4. My husband and I love pea soup. I just made some with the ham bone leftover from Christmas. What is the "savory" spice you mention? Is it available in the spice aisle at the grocery store?

  5. Savory spice I found at the health food store. It can be omitted, just won't taste quite the same....I have not always had savory, I was satisfied with the taste, til I did get savory!