Friday, March 22, 2013


                              What are you doing for Easter. Not too early to get what
               is needed. Are you going to someones home? Going to make brunch?
               Making dinner? Bringing a dish? Going out to a restaurant?

                             I have been to an Easter brunch. Where you have a Mimosa,
               or Belini., [recipe follows], Quiches', Ham and cheese biscuits, fruit salad,
               deviled eggs, a potato hash, onion and herb tarte , and Sweet Cinnamon
               Pecan Rolls? I must be forgetting something else on that menu.!

                             Or maybe a traditional Ham dinner is on your menu. I remember
               when Ham had to be cooked for hours. Now, the ham is precooked,
               sometimes comes with a glaze,and only takes re-heating.
             . One can get a Honey Glazed Spiral Ham,  already pre-sliced
               or buy a precooked ham and make their own glaze.

                             A Herb Roasted Leg of Lamb might be your meal of choice.
                  Even a Rack of Lamb that you prepare to your liking.

                              What is you choice this Easter? Will you be having any of
                   the above? Do you have a special celebration with family?
                   Let me know by leaving  a comment at the bottom of this post.

                                                       STRAWBERRY BELLINI
                                   1 bottle Prosecco  [ an Italian Sparkling Wine]
                                   2  cups pureed strawberries [can be fresh or frozen, thawed]
                                   Equipment needed; blender, strainer, champagne flutes
                                   pitcher, stirrer
                                   Place 8  flutes or other glasses in the freezer for 20 minutes.
                                  Open the Prosecco and let stand in an ice bucket for 5 minutes.
                                  Into a pitcher pour the 2 cups pureed strawberries.
                                  Gently pour in the bottle of Prosecco, stir to combine.
                                  Divide among the glasses and serve.

                                  To make non-alcoholic substitute sparkling water for Prosecco
                                              [from Bon Appetit magazine]

                          That is all for today friend, this is Jenny



  1. oh my goodness...between the thought of the lamb...and bellini you have my mouth watering...and it is like 5 hours til lunch...not good at all...ha...