Monday, November 12, 2012


   This is not a subject I usually deal with on my blog, but it is an important one. I am hoping
all of you readers will take a few minutes to thank the men and women that have served,
and those that are still serving, in our armed services. We  have our freedoms because of
the sacrifices they have made. Beginning with the wars of  early years , our men and women
have given their lives for us
Please take some time today and and give thanks for them..

My husband served in the AIR FORCE during the KOREAN WAR
He always regretted not reenlisting when he had the chance. He made STAFF SARGENT
and came home April of 1957.

Have a great day everyone.
Until the next time friend, this is Jenny


  1. Nice post. I like what you did on Facebook, too.

  2. thank your husband for me...we went to a flag ceremony yesterday that was very moving...have had several in my family to serve as well...

  3. Thanks to all who have served, especially your husband.