Saturday, June 2, 2012

GUESS WHAT........

                                                    Indoor S'mores

              Kids want S'mores, but it raining problem

              try this,,,,on a microwave safe plate,  place  3-4 graham cracker squares

              break a Hershey's bar into triangles. put 3 triangle pieces on the graham cracker,

              on top of chocolate put one large [ or 4 mini] marshmallow.

              Microwave for 10 or 12 seconds.....or till marshmallow has softened.

              Remove  from micro oven and put a graham cracker atop.....


              Another one you should  CHOCOLATE graham crackers on a plate

             spread PEANUT BUTTER on it,  and place the marshmallow

             on top of that. Microwave for about 11 seconds. Remove from micro-oven.

             Put your second graham cracker on top.....yummy...

              Microwave ovens vary in wattage , these times may be different for your oven,

              check to be sure......

               If you have a toaster oven....

              These can be made the same way only place on STICK FREE FOIL for easy

               removal. Set the oven on toast and be sure to watch closely, as the marshmallows

              browns quickly. When removing remember that marshmallow is HOT!


             Any ideas you would like to share? Or comment??


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